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Business Loans

Whether it’s an unexpected expense or you need a loan for a long-term project, we’re here with the money and support you need to be successful.

Loans and Lines of Credit

We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this community since the late 1980s. Watching it change and grow. Providing financial help to business owners just like you when they’ve needed it most. And, we’ve never let them down. Our Business Loans and Lines of Credit can help your business cover any cash flow gaps. It can provide capital for operating expenses, or for investments in new facilities and real estate.

Whether you need a short-term loan to purchase new equipment or long-term options for expanding your current space, you can count on us. Our team of passionate professionals works tirelessly to get you the best rate and loan package available.

You can also depend on us to be your partner when you are putting together a business deal that will take your company to a new level. We’ll put a Letter of Credit in your hand, so that you can negotiate with confidence and close the deal.

Come in and get acquainted with our friendly loan officers. We know our customers by name, and we are familiar with the local economy and industries. Hand picking the financing that suits your current needs is what we do best.

  • Features


    Take advantage of competitive rates that save you money


    You can opt for short or long-term financing choices


    Count on us for attentive, personal service


    Have funds working for you and your business quickly

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