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  • ACH Origination

    Our ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination service puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to steering money in and out of your account. Our ACH Origination service simplifies the business of doing business. As an ACH originator, you’ll love the many perks like direct deposit for payroll. No matter where your employees are, they will always have access to their pay. For you, that means a straightforward payroll process — fewer checks to buy, print, sign and reconcile.

    Our ACH Origination service offers you flexible options for handling recurring payments like local, state and federal taxes. You are just a keystroke away from paying dues, vendors and loans. And, you can collect bills without printing and sending invoices via “snail” mail. It’s a safe, quick and easy way for people to pay you, which means you’ll see more on-time payments.

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  • Features


    Fast transfers and access to your funds right away.


    You’ll enjoy having fewer incoming checks to process.


    The automated direct debit feature means you receive clients’ payments on time.


    Reduces your risk to fraud and minimizes the chance of lost or stolen checks.

  • FAQs

    • Q How exactly does ACH Origination work?

      Basically, ACH origination replaces check payments. With it, you do credit and debit payments electronically. The money goes directly to and from a checking or savings accounts.
    • Q If I use ACH Origination for direct deposit payroll, when will my employees get paid?

      Waiting for checks to clear is a thing of the past. Your employees get their pay at the start of the business day on the payroll date you select.
    • Q If I become an ACH originator, how will I save money?

      You'll do away with many of the costs related to checks, wire transfers, printing and postage. And because your payments and collections are automated, errors and admin costs are low too.

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