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Business Cash Management

Hopeful start up or booming business, we can help you manage your money.

  • Remote Deposit Capture

    If you’re like us, your schedule doesn’t always fit into the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 mold. That’s why we offer the convenience of Remote Deposit Capture, so you can deposit checks right when you get them. Any time, from any location. All you need is a scanner and an Internet connection.

    While we’re always happy to see you, we also want to free up you and your staff to focus on what matters most – serving your customers and growing your business. With Remote Deposit Capture, checks are in your account faster. And you say goodbye to courier fees or making multiple trips to the bank. All you need is a PinnBank for Business account to use this service.

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  • Features


    You get a helpful history of all your deposits.


    Helps you avoid the risk of check fraud.


    You get a confirmation right when you make the deposit.


    You’ll find the scanner is genuinely straightforward.

  • FAQs

    • Q How does it work?

      With the compact scanner, you take a snapshot of the checks that you want to deposit. You can deposit one or several checks at a time. It’s up to you.
    • Q Is it really available around the clock?

      This is a 24 hour, seven day a week service. It’s even available on holidays. Just scan your check and you’ll see your deposit post online the next business day.
    • Q Does this replace my interaction with my banker?

      No, you’re always welcome to stop in at your local branch. This service doesn’t replace that. Instead, it’s just another convenient option for you. In the branch or online – we‘re here for you.

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