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Business Investing

Short-term or long, we’ll work closely with you to find the best investment options for your company.

  • Business CDs

    Both people and businesses have long used Certificates of Deposit (CD) as a solid way to earn interest on money they don’t need right away. For example, buying a $10,000 CD in December with a 2% annual percentage yield, becomes $10,200 in one year.

    While the length of time and how the interest is calculated changes, the same basic principle is the same – setting aside a specific amount of money to earn interest.

    Fixed rate CDs have a set interest rate that doesn’t change during the time of your investment, bringing you a stable short-term investment option.

    Every type of CD has advantages, that’s why we’re happy to help you figure out which CD is best suited for your business. But you can also use the calculator to get a sense of the current rates and what you can expect to earn.

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  • Features


    Unlike the stock market, this investment is insured by the FDIC


    It’s a comfort to know what to expect for your earnings


    Just like opening any account with us, we’ll make it simple


    Fixed or variable rate, short or long-term, we’ll help you find the best CD

  • Investment Goal Calculator

    Please enter a value between 1 and 9,999,999.
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    With an initial investment of $ at a % rate of return compounded monthly over years, you will need to deposit $ per month to reach your savings goal of $

    This calculator is to be used for estimation purposes only. Years to reach saving goals are based on interest compounded monthly. We are showing you your potential account balance based on the amount invested, selected interest rate and length of time you choose to grow your savings. Since it is up to customers to correctly input rates and terms the financial institution is not responsible for its accuracy and the results are not guaranteed. Rate changes weekly. Interest credited monthly. Average daily collected balance method used to calculate interest. For current rates, contact your local Pinnacle Bank today.

  • FAQs

    • Q This is a risk-free investment choice, right?

      Unlike stocks and bonds, CDs are federally insured by the FDIC just like any other bank account. And as of 2011, the FDIC insures up to $250,000 across the various accounts you have with our bank.
    • Q How do I know this is the right investment for my business?

      There are pros and cons to every investment. Many businesses like the “known entity” of fixed-rate CDs. You know the exact terms before you invest, so you know exactly what you will earn. However, this known factor also plays into the age-old debate of risk versus reward. While you could earn a higher return with stocks or bonds, there is also a higher risk.

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