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Personal Savings

We can help you reach your goals. Whether it’s extra money for a big splurge or building up reserves for the unexpected.

Money Market Advantage

The Money Market Advantage account is a great choice if you have a bit of money on hand and want to earn a higher interest rate but still want to be able to access to your funds if you need to. This account offers a competitive, tiered interest rate, so the larger your account grows, the more interest you’ll earn.

With this account, there are no fees as long as you meet the balance requirements and keep your number of withdrawals and transfers at six or fewer per month. To help make your money more accessible, you can geta Visa® Debit Card. And you’ll also get Telebank and PinnBank access, too.

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  • Features


    Earn interest at a higher, tiered interest rate

    No Charge

    With minimum balance of $10,000


    Easy to open


    Access your money whenever you need it

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